Project Specific Support

In support of the structuring and financing of export, energy and infrastructure projects we provide advisory services as follows:
Advisory and Support for Contract Structuring and Negotiation

In connection with the financing of energy and infrastructure projects as well as for capital goods exports we can support you in close cooperation with your legal counsel in the analysis, the structuring and negotiation of your supply contract and of the corresponding financing documents (including security documents). Thanks to our longstanding experience we are familiar with the pitfalls of such contracts and can provide you with genuine added-value in this context.

Financial and Business Modelling

In order to support corporate or project transactions, financings or for corporate management purposes, we can develop flexible and tailor-made financial models. By accounting for and depicting all relevant financial, technical, legal and commercial information, these models represent forward-looking financial projections of a firm or of a project.


Financial models are able to demonstrate impact, effect and value of a transaction, of a company or of a new market opportunity and provide you with an important basis for decision-making.

Our Financial Modelling Services include the following:
  • Development of a financial model in accordance with client needs
  • Review of an existing financial model
  • Risk, scenario and sensitivity analysis
  • Second opinions
Economic Feasibility Analysis

With feasibility studies, we can verify and assess the economic feasibility of an energy or infrastructure project. We provide you with a systematic overview and with a basis for decision-making for the economic potential of your project.

Transaction Advisory (Due diligence, risk analysis, expert opinion, etc.)

We offer professional financial advisory services in connection with financings, corporate and private equity transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors. Our financial due diligence analysis provides for focused information processing as well as a thorough analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with the proposed transaction. In addition, we support you by doing plausibility assessments and evaluations, advise you in financing matters and accompany you in your contract negotiations.