AIL Team

Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals, with a proven track record in international financings, acquired with a number of prime industrial companies and financial institutions. The team members have many years of international transaction experience in the financing and structuring of export-, energy and infrastructure projects.

The industry expertise und the broad network of industrial partners, banks and other financial institutions allow an efficient and successful handling of transactions and provide added-value to our clients. Our team is in a position to advise in German, English, French, Russian and Spanish.

Andres Heusser

Member of the Board

Thomas Enz

Head of Advisory

Urs Gerspacher

Senior Advisor
President of the Board

Beat Imwinkelried

Founding Member

Raphael Steiner

Senior Advisor

Jean-Claude Feusier

Senior Advisor

Marco Fässler

Senior Advisor

Daniel Diegelmann

CEO Xport Finance Ltd

Katrin Janser

Head of Accounting &

Christa Stocker

Administration & Accounting